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cozypets Personalised pet care for all your needs Please Contact Claire on 07789 348 369

For your dog: we provide a caring and loving home environment when they come to stay with us. As we are not a kennel your dog will be happy and content in this home-away-from-home environment and will be treated as part of our family. We are limited to space at our home so your dog will not be surrounded by large numbers of dogs. Your dog really does get a lot of attention.

We can look after your dog from our home on a regular basis if you are at work, or we can simply come to your home to collect them for a fulfilling walk; even when it’s for just occasional visits and stays while you are away on holiday, business or have other commitments.

We like to assess all dogs before they come to us to make sure that both you and your dog feel comfortable with where they will be staying.

Please call or email us to arrange an assessment meeting. Once your dog has been assessed by Cozy Pets we can often look after your dog at very short notice.

Collection and drop off times are flexible and can usually be arranged around you and your requirements.

We ask that your dog is fully vaccinated and that all worming and flea treatments are up to date before they arrive.

For your cat: Cozy Pets will come to you to look after them either for an occasional day visit or while you are away on holiday. We find cats are less stressed and feel more comfortable when they are looked after in their own home. Please contact us to arrange a home visit to discuss your requirements.


For your other pets: we usually care for them in their own home. Occasionally arrangements can be made for them to come to us depending on your pet and their requirements. We are able to look after hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, fish, reptiles and birds. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.


When looking after your pet from your home: you can have peace of mind knowing that while you are away it is not only your pet that is being cared for. When we come to your home it gives the appearance that you are home and helps with general security. We can put your mail in a safe place, turn lights on/off, bring in milk etc and put your rubbish out on refuse collection days. Although all due care and attention is given in securing your property when we leave, we cannot accept liability in the event of forced entry.


Cozy Pets can offer transportation for your pet: for routine checks and vaccinations at their vets as we understand that sometimes this can be difficult fitting these appointments in with busy life styles. Please note that we are not an animal ambulance, therefore we are not able to offer this service for medical emergencies. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

When you become a client, and if we have access to your home, Cozy Pets can often look after your pet at very short notice. Delays home from work or a day out can leave your pet crossing their legs or getting hungry. If we are available we will on occasions be able to help in these situations.


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