Terms & Conditions

Cozy Pets are only insured for third party public liability. All members of Cozy Pets are police checked. In the event of injury caused by your pet to any members of the Cozy Pets household, you (or your pet insurance) will cover all costs incurred. In the event of your pet causing unreasonable damage to Cozy Pets’ property you (or your pet insurance) will cover all costs of repair or necessary replacement.

All due care and attention will be given to your pet and they will be treated as a member of our family whilst in our care, however injury and illness can sometimes occur. If we determine that your pet is unwell or has sustained an injury, Cozy Pets will get your pet veterinary treatment as soon as possible and will notify you promptly. Cozy Pets is not responsible for any veterinary fees. You (or your pet insurance) will be responsible for all veterinary costs, should any injury, illness, loss or death of your pet occur. You are responsible for vaccinating, worming and flea treating your pet- all must be up to date when in our care. All dogs must have a collar and identity tag.

Extra charges may occasionally be applied for bitches in season during the course of their stay, and also for dogs that are not neutered, puppies, or for pets that need medication. Extra charges may also be administered for public holiday dates. All fees are due on the first day of your pet’s care. If sufficient notice is not given on pet sitting/holiday/walking dates, a cancellation fee may be incurred. An additional petrol charge will apply to some areas.

It is your responsibility to notify Cozy Pets of any changes of your pet’s health/medical and personal information. Cozy Pets has the right, at our discretion, to terminate any walk or stay due to the health and safety of your pet.